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The Seer and the Sword


The Audio Book

Narrator: Adam Hartshorn

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*20th anniversary edition

Kindle Version

Elsa's review of The Seer and The Sword.

(5 Stars)

"Everything about the story was

so perfect and full of imagination."


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Violet Wings Trilogy

Kristen Harvey review of Violet Wings (5 Stars)

I found myself engrossed in the novel.

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Veronica review of Indigo Magic (5 Stars)

I liked this book very much. It was fast paced and didn't seem to lag from beginning to end.

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Indigo Magic Book Img_edited.jpg
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Anna's review of Sapphire Secret (5 Stars)

Loved this book! The whole series

was amazing.

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David Bergstrom review of The Light Of The Oracle

(4 Stars)

A page turner for me. Hanley does a great job in creating believable characters who you want to be all they can be. Also love that goodness and love triumph in the end


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