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The Seer and the Sword

Violet Wings Trilogy

Indigo Magic Book Img_edited.jpg
Indigo Magic Book Img_edited.jpg


Veronica review of Indigo Magic (5 Stars)

I liked this book very much. It was fast paced and didn't seem to lag from beginning to end.

Anna's review of Sapphire Secret (5 Stars)

Loved this book! The whole series

was amazing.

Everything about the story was

so perfect and full of imagination.

Elsa's review of The Seer and The Sword.

(5 Stars)

Indigo Magic Book Img_edited.jpg
Indigo Magic Book Img_edited.jpg
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The Audio Book

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Seize The Story book Img.jpg

David Bergstrom review of The Light Of The Oracle

(4 Stars)

A page turner for me. Hanley does a great job in creating believable characters who you want to be all they can be. Also love that goodness and love triumph in the end

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*20th anniversary edition

Kindle Version


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Narrator: Adam Hartshorn

Kristen Harvey review of Violet Wings (5 Stars)

I found myself engrossed in the novel.


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